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Coronavirus actions - we are looking after you!

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Happier Waiting In Your Car?

Call to tell us you have arrived, and we will tell you when to come straight into the clinical room.

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Hand Hygiene Excellence

Please use our hand gel when you - enter, at reception and leave. We have instructions to show you how to use it.

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If you have recently travelled overseas, have been in contact with someone who is unwell or you have a temperature - we will reappoint.

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Pre-Procedural Mouth Rinse

Before treatment we will get you to use our mouth rinse to keep bugs down to a minimum!

At Foundation Dental, we keep you Covid Safe!


We are a team of registered dental specialists within the fields of Periodontics and Oral Medicine.

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We are a team of professionals who are focused on providing a service of excellence to the suburbs of Brisbane and north to the Sunshine Coast. We believe a team approach is necessary to achieve optimal health outcomes for our patients, and so we work closely with patients and their supporting general dentist and hygiene team.

Through The Dental Hub network, we have established 'centres of excellence' and also a network of branches to allow easy access for anyone needing assistance with: Gum Care (Periodontics), Dental Implants, Minor Oral Surgery and Oral Medicine.

Our periodontal and surgical teams are committed to continuing education, ongoing industry development and strive to focus on ‘ excellence’ in patient care. Our accredited contemporary professional facilities have been designed to maintain optimal infection control with ALL instruments sterilised and tracked for every procedure.

We listen first, then listen again. As well as treating your immediate issues we will help you find any underlying reasons for your concerns. Often problems in the mouth are the result of more general systemic health concerns. Applying a more ‘ holistic approach’ to your oral health helps achieve better outcomes.

Although we can receive direct referrals from the public, most of our patients are referred to our care by a network of medical, dental or allied health practitioners. By working closely with these clinicians, with a focus on good communication, it is possible to achieve better clinical outcomes for our patients.

Contact us for an appointment today.

Our experience places us well up among the leading specialist groups in South-East Queensland, yet we also strive to maintain that ‘personal touch’ by being independent family owned & operated.

"As a care-centred business we seek to develop strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our patients, staff, referring dentists, medical practitioners and broader allied health professionals.

At Foundation Dental, our mission extends beyond the dental chair. We believe in patient care, life-long education and - where possible - providing support to both local and global health initiatives."