For Our Referrers/Health Professionals

Your partner for specialist periodontal treatments and dental implants

Foundation Dental Services works in partnership with dentists and allied health professionals who have patients requiring specialist periodontal or dental implant services. The main clinical centres are based in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast with a network of supporting branches. We welcome referrals and will happily care for your patient while keeping you informed of all treatment plans and decisions.

We believe in a ‘ shared care’ philosophy whereby we work with your patient to treat their periodontal issues and then, when the patient returns to a ‘ stable’ condition, we will transfer them back to your care for regular dental support. In most instances, reviews at FDS will be reduced to a minimum required to ensure periodontal or implant stability – with regular dental work and cleans carried out back at your clinic.

We do not have hygienists at FDS and we do not offer general dental services;

we specifically focus on our 4 key services of: periodontal treatment, dental implants, minor oral surgery and oral medicine.

As a family-owned, and “traditional” independent dental team we focus on excellence in patient care. We seek to work in a team approach alongside our fellow health professionals (medical and allied) to deliver well-targeted, comprehensive treatment. We understand that the mouth is not separate from the rest of the body and that at times a more holistic approach to care is required to address underlying systemic issues.

If you have a patient requiring specialist periodontal treatment, we would be honoured if you choose FDS to assist with their care. Referrals are always appreciated.

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Our experience places us well up among the leading specialist groups in South-East Queensland, yet we also strive to maintain that ‘personal touch’ by being independent family owned & operated.