The Specialist Team dentists refer to

John Carrigy, Simon Moore and Miriam Lee and the team at Foundation Dental Services (FDS) welcome patients from referring dentists and happily work in close partnership with your general dentist to ensure you receive a co-ordinated and seamless dental experience.

If you’ ve discussed your dental concerns with your dentist and they have recommended you see one of our specialists for further assessment, then your next step is to book an appointment.

Your dentist can send through a referral by email or from this web site or you can hand deliver any relevant information at your initial consultation. We then work together with you and your dentist to determine the best treatment plan for your condition, ensuring you understand and are comfortable with the recommended procedures before any treatment is commenced.

Once we’ve completed your initial treatment and stabilised your oral health then we will recommend a review or recall program to ensure the benefits of treatment are not lost. Sometimes these reviews will be carried out at FDS. Sometimes they are “shared” between the specialist practice and the general dental practice or hygienist.

Contact us for an appointment today.

Our experience places us well up among the leading specialist groups in South-East Queensland, yet we also strive to maintain that ‘personal touch’ by being independent family owned & operated.