At Foundation Dental Services (FDS) we have always focussed on “extra care” in all that we do. We acknowledge that a person’s oral health cannot be separated from their general health. Many systemic diseases and conditions rapidly cause symptoms in the mouth. In a like manner, many oral conditions and diseases complicate or lead to systemic health issues.

Diet Action packages can be purchased independently of your dental care plans – or added to your existing supportive care plan with significant savings.

Just ask your clinician about your options – or arrange a complimentary introductory appointment with Caitlin to explore the services available.

Caitlin is also registered under the Medicare System for Team Care Arrangements (TCA) and General Practitioner Management Plans (GPMP).

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 9.00 - 5.00

FDS provides support to the wider dental community in four broad areas:

  1. Treatment of the various Periodontal Diseases and Conditions of the Periodontium.
  2. Oral Medicine with associated diagnosis and treatment services.
  3. Minor Oral Surgery to address soft and hard tissue issues.
  4. Dental Implant placement procedures and the related long-term care of the same.

Areas 1 & 2, in particular, are often deeply connected with systemic health issues. Pregnancy, diabetes, G.I.T. absorption issues, autoimmune diseases, blood dyscrasias, illnesses or treatment for illnesses (such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy) can all dramatically influence a person’s oral health and comfort.

Areas 3 & 4 also rely on a healthy well nourished patient to achieve an optimal clinical outcome.

As such, FDS has introduced a dietitian to the team in support of the FDS dental clinicians and to enhance the aim of providing optimal care for patients. From a holistic perspective – general nutritional information and diet education is acknowledged as ‘foundational’ to a person’s capacity to heal and repair.

This in turn, should minimise the morbidity associated with the dental diseases and improve our patient’s general wellbeing and ability to enjoy life.

How could our Dietitian Services help you?

  • Help with Energy Levels
  • Assistance with Diabetes Management
  • Pregnancy Nutrition Plans
  • Advice on keeping up essentials with vegetarian and vegan diets
  • G.I.T. Absorption issues and problems
  • Plans to help build muscle and support fitness programs
  • Allergy and Autoimmune Disease concerns – and dietary assistance
  • Nutrition Support during medical treatment such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy
  • Weight management to help you stay in the “zone”
  • Advice on the various diets and supplements being promoted – the good, the bad
  • Cost effective ways to feed your family with a healthy diet

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Our experience places us well up among the leading specialist groups in South-East Queensland, yet we also strive to maintain that ‘personal touch’ by being independent family owned & operated.

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