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Two “New” Periodontists Join FDS for 2023
Taking our FDS Specialist Team to Seven !

Yes – we have heard you ! …… “More support / availability for the north please”.

As such, we are pleased to introduce Dr Wei-Ju Chen and Dr Tyng-Tyng Lee who will be expanding our Sunshine Coast North (Noosa / Tewantin), Sunshine Coast Central (Mountain Creek) and Brisbane North (Strathpine) services and availability.

Dr Wei-Ju Chen

Dr Chen summarises her clinical focus as “Patients first”

With a gentle and kind approach, Wei-Ju strives to provide her patients with a comfortable dental experience. She is passionate about periodontal health and always acts in her patients’ best interests.  Her treatment philosophy surrounds evidence-based clinical practice and patient-centred outcomes. Originally from Canada, Wei-Ju enjoys outdoor activities including bushwalking and snowboarding.

Dr Tyng Tyng Lee

Dr Lee always strives to achieve “excellence” in all clinical outcomes

Family orientated with a caring nature – Tyng quickly builds good rapport with patients and colleagues. Coupled with an excellent academic record – ‘Deans Commendation’ and ‘Academic Excellence’ Awards – Tyng applies her knowledge and skills to provide a ‘first class’ standard of clinical care.

Both Wei-Ju and Tyng are fluent in both English and Mandarin – and are happy to help our referrers in the role of interpreters if needed.

Please Phone 3878 2519 for referral pads / appointments

Dr Chen and Dr Lee are also available to visit your clinic for “lunch with a specialist” – providing a chance to meet and chat about all things “gums”  …….. maybe over a plate of sandwiches or cake?

Dr James Carrigy and Dr Sweta Paliwal settling in well !

Dr James Carrigy

Dr James Carrigy (Registered Periodontist) is focussing on support from our North Brisbane (Strathpine) and Sunshine Coast Central (Mountain Creek) clinics for 2023. James will also provide a city consultation service from 141 Queen Street (formally the T & G Building).

Dr Sweta Paliwal

Dr Sweta Paliwal (Registered Periodontist) will continue to build a team of support for our referrers to the south and west of Brisbane from our Taringa HUB clinic.

A quick word on our Oral Medicine Support for 2023 !



Dr Simon Moore

We are very fortunate to have Dr Simon Moore providing services for FDS out of our three main facilities (Taringa, Strathpine and Mountain Creek). Simon also provides a bimonthly service to Hervey Bay.

As our referrers may be aware – with recent retirements and interstate moves – Oral Medicine support within the south-east Queensland sector is “tight” with most clinics (including Simon) booked out at least 12 weeks in advance. As such, and in appreciation of the urgency involving some Oral Medicine conditions – “Precise Oral Pathology Services” will be introducing a ‘triage’ system to try to prioritize “potentially life threatening” or “time is of the essence” conditions as follows :

Tier 1 “Urgent Priority”

Cases of potential malignancy – e.g. non-healing ulcers, high risk clinical history.

Tier 2 “High Priority”

Cases involving significant pain – or time sensitive factors.

Tier 3 “Routine Priority”

Cases that require an Oral Medicine opinion / assistance – however the lesions / conditions are not particularly worrisome or urgent in nature.

Where appropriate, to improve patient flow, Dr Moore will also utilise the parallel Periodontist Specialist Chairs to assist with any routine minor surgical procedures

(e.g. fibroma removals, incisional or excisional biopsies etc). Please be patient with our booking staff at this time – and advise your patients of the above pressures that exist on the Brisbane / Sunshine Coast Oral Medicine referral system. Please reassure them that we will strive to do our best to meet their needs as quickly as possible.